Open-source plugin for Rock Band 3 providing many enhancements, fixes, and extra features.

Rock Band 3 Enhanced

RB3Enhanced is a mod for Rock Band 3 that adds new quality of life and gameplay features to make Rock Band 3 a better experience.

Latest version: 0.6


  • Support for Xbox 360, and soon Wii. Homebrewed consoles only.
  • Raised song limit, allowing you to have up to 8000 songs in your library.
  • Play custom songs on the latest update of Rock Band 3.
  • Unlock additional features such as keys on guitar and in-game cosmetic items.
  • Additional modifiers, like black backgrounds and gem colour shuffle.
  • Game origin icons in the setlist to see what game your songs came from.
  • Additional easy support for other mods.
  • Online multiplayer without Xbox Live or Nintendo WFC.
  • ...and more!

Online Multiplayer

With GoCentral and liveless support, online multiplayer is possible even on modded consoles using the fan-made open-source GoCentral server, or direct connections to other players without a server entirely.

GoCentral is not in a finished state and is not ready for public use yet. Source code is available.