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RB3Enhanced 0.6 (Latest)

Released (Xbox): 4th December 2022
Released (Wii): 4th February 2023


Note: If upgrading from RB3Enhanced 0.5.1 (Xbox 360), it is highly recommended to replace both RB3Enhanced.dll and RB3ELoader.xex.

Previous Versions

RB3Enhanced 0.5.1

Released: 10th July 2022


  • Completely rewritten open-sourced codebase
  • Song limit is now capped at 8000 to attempt to avoid crashing
  • Added gem color shuffle modifier
  • Added song source sorting using the Date Added filter
  • Added song source icons in the setlist screen
  • Added support for Wii/Dolphin Emulator (Download curently unavailable)
Note: If upgrading from an older version of RB3E on Xbox 360, ensure you replace RB3Enhanced.xex with RB3ELoader.xex in Dashlaunch.

Legacy Versions

These versions of RB3Enhanced are entirely unsupported and are only available here for archival purposes.

I understand, show me the download links.

RB3Enhanced 0.5:

  • Mirror mode, black background and force HOPOs modifiers added
  • Fixes the speed modifier when in practice mode
  • Rawfile loading, replace files in the ARK with loose files in the game folder
  • Fixed loading INI from locations other than the RB3 directory
  • Removal of titleUpdateLocation patch - caused nothing but random hard-to-diagnose crashes
  • Removal of enableCustomModifiers from rb3.ini as the modifiers will now always appear
  • Removal of songLimitPatch from rb3.ini. song limit is now just set to infinite songs (true hard limit is somewhere around ~4,000-5,000 on a retail 360, dont go over this)
  • More debug output via Watson to diagnose crashes
  • Added fast start patch
  • Added liveless matchmaking - set directConnectIP in the INI to enable this
  • Added GoCentral support - set goCentralAddress in the INI to enable this
  • Last legacy release before open-source rewrite


  • Fixes a crash issue involving forcing venues without the black background modifier being present in the DTBs
  • Temporarily removes titleUpdateLocationPatch due to crashing issues
  • Adds "enableCustomModifiers" which allows custom modifiers to work if they are present in the DTBs

RB3Enhanced 0.3:

  • Play 5-lane keys on guitar without having the goal unlocked
  • Setting song speed ala Clone Hero
  • Ability to set a track scroll speed multiplier beyond the normal value
  • Removed anti-debugging check that occurs after splash screen
  • Ability to force a venue, including a black screen venue
  • Stability improvements that may fix crashes under certain circumstances and configurations
  • Re-enabled playing custom songs in the CON format
  • Support for some custom modifiers (add mod_force_hopos and mod_black_background to config/modifiers.dta, and then add the locale strings to make these appear in-game and be toggleable)

RB3Enhanced 0.2:

  • RB3Enhanced now uses a configuration file, RB3.ini, to determine which patches to apply
  • Stability improvement by changing the way the initial thread is created

RB3Enhanced 0.1:

  • Initial release